To service key aspects of your customer relationships, there is a symphony and flow of data and functionality that takes place within your internal systems, and GroundBreak is the conductor.  With built-in connectors into the industry-leading CRM, ERP, and IoT systems your heavy equipment sales and rental teams can access all of the relevant data and functionality needed to acquire and maintain effective customer relationships.


Caterpillar DBS

GroundBreakCRM has prebuilt integration packages with DBS. Caterpillar’s DBS is a Dealer Management System allowing teams to manage internal tasks and issues and external connections and customers.

Wynne Systems  Rental Man

RentalMan from Wynne Systems is the leading ERP for the equipment industry.  It supports the CAT business from beginning to end, from point-of-sale to invoicing to financial reporting. 

Canam Solutions SalesLink CRM

The CRM built for Caterpillar dealers.  SalesLink CRM allows CAT businesses to manage customer relationships, vital data, and better serve their customers.  


Are you using MySql? Do you have data that needs to be utilized amongst multiple teams?  GroundBreak integrates with MySql to bring you data into one easy to use location.


Your marketing team can send information to MongoDB and with the GroundBreak integration.  They choose what information needs to be fed into the CRM, giving additional team members access to marketing information they might not otherwise have.

Integrations help your CRM run more effeciently

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