GroundBreak Mobile unifies data from many heavy equipment sales and rental systems into a mobile experience that helps mobile sales reps increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Warm Call List

It makes sense to keep your best clients happy. Hopefully, you are doing that today. What should you do with the majority of your clients that get ignored, unless they call you with an order? Here’s our suggestion:

Create a call frequency for each client you have. It may be bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly depending on sales history and potential. This helps keep you in front of each client on a regular basis.

Geocoding Your Customer Locations

How many times has this happened to you – you’re on your way to a client location and they cancel the meeting? When you are in the middle of nowhere, it really stinks.  Now what do you do?

GroundBreak Mobile allows reps to map a customer’s location straight from the app.  You can map from your current location and see reps near you or within a certain readius that you set.

Make it Easy to do Business with You

When your sales people are out in the field, having to call the store every time somebody needs inform-

ation does not make it easy to do business with you. From our experience, the most common requests that rental reps in the field get asked are:

– What’s on rent?

– When is it due back?

– How much does XYZ cost?

– Can you get me a quote?

Giving real time access to equipment on rent and the ability to quote while in the field gives you a leg up on your competition.

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Analyze Customer and Product Trends

When rental income is increasing, life feels great. When it’s going in the opposite direction, feelings tend to grow sour. Analytics are an essential part of managing growth. Analyzing your sales trends across customers and products has some great benefits:

– Identify your strength and weaknesses in different geographies and product lines.

– Analyzing sales in comparison to the overall market can you help identify if a competitor is taking business from you.

– Market conditions are constantly changing. Sales tactics that may have worked great 2 years ago could be having a detrimental effect this year.

Measure Customer Touchpoints

What’s more important – an in-person visit, a phone call, an email or a text? The right answer is whatever delivers the best customer experience. Measuring customer satisfaction is very important, but unfortu- nately that is not enough. You MUST know what drives customer satisfaction in order to leverage it to retain more customers and gain new ones.

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