GroundBreak CRM allows your inside sales and field sales teams to stay connected.  GroundBreak CRM has tools for sales and marketing, customer, support, up to management.

Custom Dashboards and Reporting

The dashboards show your heavy equipment team real-time information about equipment sales and rental, inventory, and calls by reps.  It will allow you to manage your inside sales and field reps by drilling down into detailed reports.

360 degree Customer View

Now your heavy equipment sales and rental teams can have a holistic view of your customers.  They can access activity for each customer across differnet prodcuts and teams, no more missed opportunities or mis-undesrtsood converstaions becuase of unknown activites.

Rental and Sales Quotes

Give your team the peace of mind in knowing that all inventory listed is up to date and accurate.  This will allows your sales and rental reps to quote faster and more accurately.  Keeping your sales and rental quotes in one location is a time saver for all teams allowing them sales.

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