How it all began

Years ago, three large and well known equipment dealers required a solution that blended a solid platform to build the business on with vertical specific requirements. Our professional services worked with this co-op to understand how each one worked both internally and in the field and deployed a solution specifically built for each. In that, we also understood that there were a number of similarities. Following that work it was soon discovered that a vertical solution could be built around this knowledge that would be able to help other equipment sales and rental dealers. Thus, GroundBreakCRM was born.

Our Philosophy

Mobile, Specialized, Efficient

Our philosophy is that:

Business and sales representatives need software solutions that increase revenue and save time.  Software shouldn’t be a “necessary evil,” it should provide obvious incontestable value.

We believe that every business has issues that can be automated away to realize huge ROI benfits and that every sales person wants tools that help them sell more.